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The cover of the box-set depicts Urania , the muse of astronomy. It originally came with a book entitled A Familiar Treatise on Astronomy Urania's Mirror illustrates 79 constellations on 32 separate cards.

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By the second edition , advertisements merely claimed illustration of the constellations visible from "Great Britain". Card 28 has six, and no other card has more than four. Hingley calls Urania's Mirror "one of the most charming and visually attractive of the many aids to astronomical self-instruction produced in the early nineteenth century". He describes the device as an "attractive feature", but notes that, due to the light at the time being provided primarily by candles, many cards likely burned up due to carelessness when trying to hold them in front of the flame.

The depictions of the constellations in Urania's Mirror are redrawings from those in Alexander Jamieson's A Celestial Atlas , published about three years earlier, and include unique attributes differing from Jamieson's sky atlas, including the new constellation of Noctua the owl, and "Norma Nilotica" — a measuring device for the Nile floods — held by Aquarius the water bearer.

Advertisements for Urania's Mirror , as well as the introduction to its companion book A Familiar Treatise on Astronomy , credit the design of the cards simply to a "lady", who is described in the introduction of the book as being "young". This led to speculation as to her identity. Some proposed prominent female astronomers such as Caroline Herschel and Mary Somerville , others credited the engraver Sidney Hall.


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In , while archiving early election certificates used to propose people to be admitted to the Royal Astronomical Society , P. The reasons for the disguise are unknown. Hingley notes that many contemporary publications attempted to suggest women had played a role in their creation, perhaps to make them sound less threatening. He suggests that anonymity might have been necessary to protect Bloxam's position at Rugby, but notes Rugby was quite progressive, which makes this unlikely; and, finally, suggests modesty as a possibility.

First edition " Pisces ", without stars in the surrounding constellations. This was changed for the second edition, which added back stars around theose constellations.

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A "Second Part" of Urania's Mirror , which was to have included illustrations of the planets and a portable orrery , was advertised, [8] but no evidence exists to show it was ever released. Plate 1: Draco and Ursa Minor.

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  4. Plate 2: Camelopardalis , Tarandus and Custos Messium. Plate 3: Cassiopeia. Plate 5: Gloria Frederici , Andromeda , and Triangula [9]. Plate 8: Lynx and Telescopium Herschilii. Plate Hercules and Corona Borealis. Plate Delphinus , Sagitta , Aquila , and Antinous. Plate Pegasus and Equuleus.

    Plate Aries and Musca Borealis. Plate Leo Major and Leo Minor. The constellations depicted, in the order they are listed on the cards, are: [2]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Second edition "Pisces", with the surrounding stars. Plate 4: Cepheus. He observes that the beetle deposits its ball of eggs rolled in dung in the earth for the space of twenty-eight days--a lunar cycle--during which the moon passes through its smaller round of the twelve zodiacal signs. But on the twenty-ninth day, the day of the resurrection according to lunar markings, there occurs the baptism of the beetle. The Scarabaeus then casts his ball into the water. It opens to give birth to the young beetle.

    This immersion and baptism leads to renewal and regeneration. So Taht Ptah [Khepri? The disease Cancer is the result of cells escaping normal control mechanisms and growing uncontrollably as a result.

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    One habit crabs have is when they are put in a barrel and one tries to escape the others will pull him back down, giving rise to the term " crabs in a barrel ". It relates to people who envy another's success and go out of their way to do things to hold them back and drag them down. The expression is generally applied to those who are from the same class or race that do not like to see others of their kind achieve more than they had. The fifth century Greek lexicographer Hesychius of Alexandria wrote that the Cabeiri , "the Great Gods of Samothrace" whose cult reached its height in the 4th century BC.

    The Cabeiri as Karkinoi were apparently thought of as amphibious beings again recalling the Telchines. They had pincers instead of hands, which they used as tongs Greek: karkina in metalworking". Other "sons of Hephaestus" were the Kabeiroi on the island of Samothrace; they were identified with the crab karkinos by the lexicographer Hesychius , and the adjective karkinopous , "crab-footed" signified "lame", Detienne and Vernant have observed: the Kabeiroi were seen as lame too. Shining at the hinge of the year by the blazing turning-point which when recalled the Sun rounds in his course on high, the Crab occupies a joint of heaven and bends back the length of day.

    Of a grasping spirit and unwilling to give itself in service the Crab distributes many kinds of gain, and skill in making profits; he enables a man to carry his investment of foreign merchandise from city to city and, with an eye on steep rises in the price of corn, to risk his money upon sea-winds; to sell the world's produce to the world, to establish commercial ties between so many unknown lands, to search out under foreign skies fresh sources of gain, and from the high price of his goods to amass sudden wealth.

    With heaven's favor he also sells seasons of idleness at rates of interest to his liking, wishing the swift passage of time to add to the principal. His is a shrewd nature, and he is ready to fight for his profits. Litoreus , Shore-inhabiting, is from Manilius and Ovid; Astacus the European crayfish and Cammarus the mantis shrimp appear with various classic writers; and Nepa is from Cicero's De Finibus and the works of Columella, Manilius, Plautus, and Varro, — all signifying Crab, or Lobster, although more usual, and perhaps more correct, for Scorpio.

    Festus, the grammarian of the 3d century, said that this was an African word equivalent to Sidus , a Constellation or Star. It is the most inconspicuous figure in the zodiac, and mythology apologizes for its being there by the story that when the Crab was crushed by Hercules , for pinching his toes during his contest with the Hydra in the marsh of Lerna, Juno exalted it to the sky; whence Columella called it Lernaeus. Yet few heavenly signs have been subjects of more attention in early days, and few better determined; for, according to Chaldaean and Platonist philosophy, it was the supposed Gate of Men through which souls descended from heaven into human bodies.

    It was one of the unfortunate signs, governing the human breast and stomach; and reigned over Scotland, Holland, Zealand, Burgundy, Africa especially over Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis , and the cities of Constantinople and New York. In the times of Manilius it ruled India and Aethiopia, but he termed it a fruitful sign.

    Its colors were green and russet; and early fable attributed its guardianship to the god Mercury, whence its title Mercurii Sidus. When the sun was within its boundaries every thunder-storm would cause commotions, famine, and locusts; and Berossos asserted that the earth was to be submerged when all the planets met in Cancer, and consumed by fire when they met in Capricorn. But this was a reversal of the astrologers' rule; for, as Pascal wrote:.

    It is said to have been the Akkadian Sun of the South , perhaps from its position at the winter solstice in very remote antiquity; but afterwards it was associated with the fourth month Duzu, our June-July, and was known as the Northern Gate of the Sun , whence that luminary commences its retrograde movement. Nan - garu is Strassmaier's transliteration of the cuneiform title; others being Puluk - ku and Khas , Division, possibly referring to the solstitial colure as a dividing line.

    Brown has recently claimed for it the title Nagar - asagga , the Workman of the Waterway. But the Jews assigned it to the tribe of Issachar, whom Jacob likened to the "strong ass" that each of the Aselli asses - gamma, Asellus Borealis , and delta, Asellus Australis represents; Dupuis asserting that these last titles were derived from this Jewish association.

    Showing but few stars, and its lucida being less than a 4th-magnitude, it was the Dark Sign , quaintly described as black and without eyes. Dante, alluding to this faintness and high position in the heavens, wrote in the Paradiso :. Jensen makes it the Tortoise of Babylonia, and it was so figured there and in Egypt B. This was the Greek karabos or Kharabos , with its nest-ball of earth in its claws, an idea which occurs again even as late as the 12th century, when an illuminated astronomical manuscript shows a Water - beetle.

    In the Albumasar of it is a large Crayfish ; Bartschius and Lubienitzki, in the 17th century, made it into a Lobster , and the latter added toward Gemini a small shrimp-like object which he called Cancer minor. Caesius likened it to the Breastplate of Righteousness in Ephesians vi, 14; while Praesaepe and the Aselli asses - gamma, Asellus Borealis , and delta, Asellus Australis were the Manger of the infant Jesus, with the Ass and Ox presumed to be standing by. Julius Schiller said that the whole represented Saint John the Evangelist. Our figure appears on the round zodiac of Denderah, but in the location of Leo Minor.

    Cancer appears on the Farnese globe underneath a quadrangular figure, in the location of our Lynx , of which I can find no explanation. In this constellation, with some slight variations as to boundaries at different times in Hindu astronomy, — gamma Asellus Borealis and delta Asellus Australis — the Aselli asses - always being included and occasionally eta, theta, and Praesaepe , — was located the 6th nakshatra Pushya , Flower, or Tishiya , Auspicious, with Brihaspati, the priest and teacher of the gods, as presiding divinity.

    It was sometimes figured as a Crescent, and again as the head of an Arrow; but Amara Sinha, the Sanskrit author of about 56 B. The manzil , Al Nathrah , the Gap in the hair under the muzzle of the supposed immense ancient Lion, was chiefly formed by Praesaepe ; but later gamma Asellus Borealis and delta Asellus Australis — the Aselli - were sometimes included, when it was Al Himarain , the Two Asses, a title adopted from the Greeks. The sieu Moon mansion Kwei , Spectre, anciently Kut , the Cloud-like, was made up from Praesaepe with eta and theta, the latter most strangely selected, as it is now hardly distinguishable by the naked eye, and yet was the determining star, — perhaps a case of variation in brightness.

    Like Gemini and Taurus , it was shown rising backward, to which some of the ancients fancifully ascribed the slower motion of the sun in passing through these constellations, as well as its influence in producing the summer's heat; even Doctor Johnson, in Rasselas , alluded to "the fervours of the crab. Coins of Cos in the Aegean Sea bore the figure of a Crab that may have been for this constellation. The symbol of the sign, , probably is "the remains of the representation of some such creature"; but it is also referred to the two Asses gamma, Asellus Borealis , and delta, Asellus Australis that took part in the conflict of the gods with the giants on the peninsula of the Macedonian Pallene, the early Phlegra, afterwards rewarded by a resting-place in the sky on either side of the Manger.

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    The celebrated Halley comet first appeared here in ; and in June, , all the planets, except Neptune, were in this quarter of the heavens, an unusual and most interesting occurrence. Argelander catalogues 47 stars in the constellation in addition to Praesaepe; and Heis, Allen,