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The lines that run on your palm, mount of the lines, shape of hand, fingers and thumb everything describe unique characteristics about your life. Astrology palm reading. Free online my hand palm readings are the service of astrology palm reading service.
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Chiromancy consists of the practice of evaluating a person's character or future life by "reading" the palm of that person's hand. Various "lines" "heart line", "life line", etc. In some traditions, readers also examine characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints, and palmar skin patterns dermatoglyphics , skin texture and color, shape of the palm, and flexibility of the hand. A reader usually begins by reading the person's dominant hand the hand he or she writes with or uses the most, which is sometimes considered to represent the conscious mind, whereas the other hand is subconscious.

In some traditions of palmistry, the other hand is believed to carry hereditary or family traits, or, depending on the palmist's cosmological beliefs, to convey information about "past-life" or "karmic" conditions. The basic framework for "classical" palmistry the most widely taught and practiced tradition is rooted in Greek mythology.

For example, the ring finger is associated with the Greek god Apollo ; characteristics of the ring finger are tied to the subject's dealings with art, music, aesthetics, fame, wealth, and harmony. Depending on the type of palmistry practiced, and the type of reading being performed, palmists may look at various qualities of the hand, including the shapes and lines of the palm and fingers; the color and texture of the skin and fingernails; the relative sizes of the palm and fingers; the prominence of the knuckles; and numerous other attributes of the hands.

In most schools of palmistry, hand shapes are divided into four or eleven major types, sometimes corresponding to the classical elements or temperaments. Hand shape is believed to indicate character traits corresponding to the type indicated i.

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The number and quality of lines can also be included in the hand shape analysis; in some traditions of palmistry, Earth and Water hands tend to have fewer, deeper lines, while Air and Fire hands are more likely to show more lines with less clear definition. Additional major lines or variations include: A simian crease , or fusing of the heart and head lines, has special significance, since this single line must be read to infer details about a subject's emotional and reasoning nature.

According to Cheiro, [ citation needed ] this line is thought to endow a person with an intensity of purpose or single-mindedness, the nature of which is decided upon by exact position of this line on the hand and the direction of any branches shooting from it. In hands where such a line exists without any branches as a singular mark, it is taken to indicate an extremely intense nature and special care is needed for such persons.

The normal position for the simian crease is starting below the index finger and ending where normally the heart line terminates at the edge of the hand below the little finger.


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The upper part of the palm lying immediately below the fingers is considered to represent the higher or intellectual nature and the lower part of the palm to represent the materialistic side of the nature. If one of these parts is larger than the other, as decided by the central placement of the simian crease, it shows greater development of that aspect of the nature. Based on this general principle, if the simian crease is placed below its normal position it indicates an intensely intellectual nature. If it is placed above its normal position it indicates an intensely materialistic nature and interests.

The direction in which any branches may be found shooting from this line are used to infer more details about the subject's temperament. The fate line runs from the bottom of the palm near the wrist, up through the center of the palm towards the middle finger. This line is believed to be tied to the person's life path, including school and career choices, successes and obstacles. Sometimes this line is thought to reflect circumstances beyond the individual's control, or alternately the person's choices and their consequences.

Criticism of palmistry often rests with the lack of empirical evidence supporting its efficacy. Scientific literature typically regards palmistry as a pseudoscientific or superstitious belief. I started reading palms in my teens as a way to supplement my income from doing magic and mental shows. When I started I did not believe in palmistry. After a few years I became a firm believer in palmistry. One day the late Stanley Jaks, who was a professional mentalist and a man I respected, tactfully suggested that it would make an interesting experiment if I deliberately gave readings opposite to what the lines indicated.

I tried this out with a few clients.

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I hvso many triangles on my palm and im 55 year old. A well marked triangle will give positive results to the person. So,Are your predictions valid for my case?

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Predictions and validations are made by looking at the hands!! I have well formed triangles on my right Palm, location formed between heart line life and edn lines. Also I have clear cross sign below the thumb and a clear big M interaction with three main lines. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Single vertical line on the mount of mercury indicates sudden unexpected financial gains. It is also known as money triangle. If the fish symbol is present at the bottom of the hand as shown is an indication of wealth.

Palm reading is an easy task by learning basic symbolism of palm structure.

The lines that run on your palm, mount of the lines, shape of hand, fingers and thumb everything describe unique characteristics about your life. Astrology Palm reading is the most important part of astrology services. Right hand palm lines describe different characteristics in comparison of left hand palm lines. Many countries may scoff on this art but else many other countries have accepted this skilled art that really works for the believers of it. Palm reading needs skills and complete knowledge about it. Free online my hand palm readings are the service of astrology palm reading service.

Each section depicts own specialties.

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First one part is fingers that represent the mind and higher self. Mid part of the hand represents the daily to daily life activities and about your subconscious mind. Lower part describes about your primal instincts, consciousness and other characteristics.

Palmistry is all about the symmetry, proportions of your formed hand. Thumb and finger represent a lot about human; you can know loads of things by analyzing them. A thumb is divided into three phalanges. Tip of thumb represent your will power. If your thumb is of club shaped then it depicts your criminal tendency.

If thump tip is long and pointed then it represents your creativity and intelligence. The part of thumb I. Humans would be more strategic and creative if this phalange is longer. The base part of the thumb represents your emotion, grace, empathy and compassion. More this part is flatter and flashier then more that person is sensitive and compassionate. Your middle finger represents that you have good fortune and career and it represents the Jupiter planet.

Middle finger is known for Saturn and represents limitation and restrictions of life. The ring finger is known for Apollo and depicts your self-control and self-expression. Pinky finger represents the planet mercury and depicts your ability to communicate with other peoples and how you sustain relationship. Longer and straight fingers depicts that you have good fortune in every field of life. The mount of mercury below the index finger represents that you have leadership quality and you are ambitious and honor and love relationship strong.