Taurus horoscope for november 13

Horoscope Today, November 13, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.
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Daily Horoscope November 13, 2016: Taurus

The Virgo Moon will encourage you to follow your instincts over the facts. Comfort will be a theme this evening, so reserve a little time to relax.

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Your tarot card the Chariot will awaken your multi-tasking skills this week, enabling you to get everything on your extensive pre-holiday list completed. You can make the most of this undefined energy by keeping your focus on the moment; that way, you won't get lost or frustrated. You can get a head start on your holiday decorating by clearing out clutter and freshening up your surroundings tonight. You'll bask in the glow of another's love as the Sun completes its run through Scorpio this week; light a few green candles to stir your heart, as well as that of your love.

Additional information is needed to restore movement to your projects, so don't be afraid to do more research or ask for help.

The Libra Moon will inspire you to open up a conversation with a loved one about the future tonight, with wonderful results. The Full Moon in Taurus brought some big-picture truth to your attention last weekend inspiring a necessary confrontation on an important topic you may or may not have overlooked. Since Mercury is currently helping you connect to your highest emotional intelligence, now is a wonderful time to get curious about your emotional habit patterns and how they promote peace or pain on a regular basis.

The Universe wants you to be in love and joyful, Virgo, so work with the power that allows your psychology to pursue it.

Your Horoscope For The Week of November 6

Meaningful dialogue with people who have earned your story will help the progress. Venus will bring abundance to your income, self-esteem, and value systems on Tuesday for three-and-a-half weeks as long as you dig deep. Choose courage over comfort, Libra. Be brave with yourself and with others so Venus can bring you the security you crave.

Embrace this new understanding so you can adapt as well as you can.

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Mercury will now bring critical awareness to your income, self-esteem, and values helping you assess and commit to convictions that allow you to make meaningful decisions about your well-being. How timely! A little structure, proactive strategy, and follow-through will take you right to the front door of your wildest dreams.

Mercury is giving Sagittarius-born the annual opportunity to electrify their consciousness and communication styles with optimism and glory.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility in Love & Life

This is your prime time to think and speak bravely for maximum results. You might feel like you need to detach and pull back from the dating scene. Be gracious and gentle with yourself and all suitors involved. How are you holding up with your vulnerability hangover, Capricorn? If so, I am proud of your bravery. I know, I know. While it may seem like the cosmos has a sick sense of humor, I can assure you all of these planetary reversals are not for naught.

Throughout Mercury retrograde , be careful with your communication. Sagittarius season kicks off on Thursday, November 22 when the sun moves into this vivacious fire sign. For you, however, it may not feel quite as spirited.

Taurus daily horoscope – November 13 2018

The end of the month will be about taking personal inventory and taking a good, hard look at your finances. Discover the truth about your complexion with Dr. Roebuck's Tama Healing Mask , a turmeric-infused hydrating facial mask that will deliver a natural, radiant glow.

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